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A foundation and identity rooted in Nordic mythology
In Nordic mythology, the goddess Gefion created the Danish island of Zealand in a single night. She transformed the sons of King Gylfir into oxen to plough the harsh terrain and turn it into fertile land. The legend inspires our philosophy and is evoked in our founding principles.


Innovative, bespoke solutions for risk and capital
We are a Scandinavia-based insurance company that provides smart products, services and fronting to European MGAs and brokers. We combine the commercial benefits of access to the international market with bespoke solutions, based on a solid technical platform, industry expertise and innovative administrative solutions.


Forefront of the international insurance industry.
We want to be an industry leader, a well-respected international insurance company that combines solid experience of the financial and legal sectors with global coverage and inventive, consolidated operations that maximise the potential and profits of our partners.


Tradition, innovation, commitment and growth.
We engage in honest and open dialogue with our MGAs and brokers, deploying all our expertise to generate innovative and dedicated solutions for them. We apply our values to everything we do, never compromising our integrity and credibility in the pursuit of growth and profitability.

An open approach to insurance


Gefion Insurance is licensed in Denmark and operates throughout the EU/EEA.

We provide MGAs and brokers with responsive solutions and access to capital services, non-life insurance and bespoke solutions, based on a robust IT platform and strong in-house expertise.

Gefion has a long and successful track record in insurance, reinsurance, investment, corporate finance and related legal matters. Our focus is on underwriting, reporting, control and non-life insurance solutions, as well as low catastrophe exposure and attractive loss ratios. We actively reduce risk through high levels of reinsurance and strategic partnerships with reinsurance companies.

Meet our people

Meet the Gefion Management Team



Tonny Anker-Svendsen

Partner, CEO

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Troels Askerud

Partner, Director

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Torben Kaaber

Partner, CCO

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Jakob Reese

Partner, CCO

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José Juan Bravo

Chief Operation Officer

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Preben Larsen


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Mogens Aaestrup Vind

Chief Legal Officer

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Per Bergmann

General Counsel

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David Sumner

Data Privacy Officer

Russel Pollard

Chief Claims Director

We actively reduce risk through high levels of reinsurance


We operate in Denmark, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland and France.

Hauser Plads 20, 6. sal
1127 København K
Claims Corporation Network Denmark
+45 3338 0000

Global Forsikring
Hauser Plads 20, 6. sal
1127 København K
Claims Corporation Network Denmark
+45 8230 3610

Certus Forsikring
Hauser Plads 20, 6. sal
1127 København K
Claims Corporation Network Denmark
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Inspire Claims Limited
1st Floor
4 High Court
Leeds LS2 7ES
United Kingdom
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Bollington Underwriting
Action 365
Eden Point
Three Acres Lane
Cheadle Hulme
Cheshire SK8 6RL
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Assitance House
Hercules Business Park
Bird Hall Lane
Cheadle, SK3 0UX
United Kingdom
+44 0800 029 1125

WNS Assistance
assistance Court
16A Museum Court
Suffolk IP1 1HT
+44 0844 854 0632

Prestige Underwriting Services Ltd
10 North Derby Street
Belfast, BT15 3HL
+44 08000 327 327

Lanyon Building
10 North Derby Street
Belfast BT15 3HL
United Kingdom
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Pukka Insure
Eden Point, Three Acres Lane
Cheadle Hulme
Chesire SK8 6RL
United Kingdom
+44 (0)800 240 4988,
+44 (0)161 488 1796

Staveley Head
Indemis Ltd
Allan House
25 Bothwell Street
G2 6NL
+44 333 370 7777

Action 365
Eden Point
Three Acres Lane
Cheadle Hulme
Cheshire SK8 6RL
+44 01245 359646

Catalpa Underwriting Limited
First Floor
Howley Square
Co Galway
+353 91 353411

Patrona Underwriting Ltd
The Bushels
Wexford Y35 HYE0
+353 53 91 80333

Hansa Eule
c/o Crawford & Company Deutschland GmBH
Werdener Strasse 4
40227 Düsseldorf
+49 (0)211 9545 6230

AIS Wild Assekuranzmakler GmbH
In Lochfeld 4
55743 Idar-Oberstein
+49 6784 983950

c/o Crawford & Company Deutschland GmBH
Werdener Strasse 4
40227 Düsseldorf
+49 (0)211 9545 6230

Transconseil Assurances
1 Rue Eugène Desteuque
51100 Reims
+33 03 23 27 77 77

9 avenue Raymond Manaud,
Immeuble Tasta C4.3
33520 Bruges
+33 05 56 11 21 60

19 rue de St Martin
62120 Aire sur la Lys
+33 03 21 98 97 00

39 bis Rue Parcheminerie
49100 Angers
+332 41 22 92 70

Polins Sp. z. o. o.
Crawford Polska Sp.z.o.o.
Ciszewskiego 15,
+48 22 39088 40

24H Assistance
For Multisport and Snowcare claims:
GBC Montagna S.r.l.
Corso Magenta 69/A 20123 Milano
+39 02 20564 450

For Dottordog claims:
Coris Assistance 24ORE S.p.A.
Corso Magenta 69/A 20123 Milano
+39 02 20564 444


Gefion takes its responsibilities to safeguard the privacy and the confidentiality of personal data that we process in connection with the provision of our services seriously. Please read our Privacy Notice for more information on our processing of personal data. For the purpose of exercising your right of access to personal data held by us, you may use the Subject Access Form found below.

All queries in relation to data protection should be e-mailed to dpo@gefioninsurance.com

Gefion Insurance Cookie policy
Gefion Insurance Privacy Notice
Subject Access Form

Anti Slavery statement
Complaints responsible
Per Bergmann pbe@gefioninsurance.com

Statement of the DFSA’s conclusions of the inspection of Gefion Insurance

Following the completion of the ordinary inspection, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) has decided to issue a number of orders and reprimands regarding Gefion Insurance A/S’ (“Gefion Insurance”) governance structure – primarily in relation to our oversight and control with agents and TPA’s, but also in respect of more technical issues.

On the basis of the number and the content of the governance orders and reprimands issued by the DFSA, the DFSA has decided to impose a temporary capital add-on on Gefion Insurance. The capital charge amounts to approximately DKK 39.2 million (EUR 5.2 million equivalent) and will remain in place until the governance issues have been fully solved. As a result of the capital add-on, Gefion Insurance’s Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) will drop below 100, whereas the capital add-on will not affect our Minimum Capital Requirement (MCR).

Please find the DFSA’s statement on the inspection here. An English translation of the statement can be found here.

The DFSA’s full order on capital add-on can be found here (only in Danish). Furthermore, the DFSA’s full order on limitation of business volumes can be found here(only in Danish).

Our comments to the DFSA’s order

Gefion strongly disagrees with the decision to impose a capital add-on and will take steps to appeal the decision. The majority of the orders and reprimands regarding our governance structure have either already been addressed at this point in time or are in the process of being addressed.

In the short term, we are taking immediate steps to recapitalise Gefion Insurance and to re-establish an SCR above 100. This includes discussions with existing shareholders and other capital providers. Gefion Insurance notes that the existing shareholders have just recently demonstrated their commitment towards Gefion Insurance by injecting more than EUR 5 million into Gefion Insurance. In the more medium term, we are in discussions with a number of third-party investors to significantly increase our capital base before year-end.

Due to the fact that we will have an SCR below 100, the DFSA has also ordered that Gefion Insurance should not expand its business volumes (compared to 2018-levels) until a re-capitalisation has increased the SCR level to above 100. It is important to underline that the order does not prevent Gefion Insurance from continuing to trade with existing partners and underwrite insurance risks.

In conclusion, the very thorough ordinary inspection of Gefion Insurance, which was initiated by the DFSA back in November 2018, is now coming to an end. This also means that necessary actions can now be taken, so that Gefion Insurance will be able to continue to operate in close collaboration with our key stakeholders and partners.

Whilst we are disappointed with the decision taken by the DFSA, Gefion Insurance are determined to continue to operate as a successful company and valued insurer to our many customers and partners across the European insurance market. We look forward to being able to fully focus on developing the business for the remainder of 2019, where focus will be on consolidation and profitability in our existing programs.

Order of 21 June from the Danish FSA

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (“DFSA”) has ordered Gefion Insurance A/S (“Gefion Insurance”) to refrain from using the loss-absorbing capacity of the deferred tax in the calculation of the Solvency Capital Requirement.

Please find the DFSA’s statement on the order here. An English translation of the statement can be found here.

Our comments to the DFSA’s order
The order comes after a lengthy case handling process, which was initiated back in 2017.

The DFSA has taken the view that Gefion Insurance cannot use the loss-absorbing capacity of deferred tax when calculating the Solvency Capital Requirement. This is based on the assessment that Gefion Insurance will not be able to reestablish the company’s own funds quickly enough after an immediate occurrence of a hypothetical 200-year event where Gefion Insurance would lose its entire capital.

Gefion Insurance does not agree with the decision.

Gefion Insurance has argued that it will be possible for the company to raise sufficient capital, and the company will therefore be able to continue to do business even in a hypothetical 200-year event. In the period April 2018 to May 2019 alone, capital increases of EUR 12.3 million have been completed. Furthermore, Gefion Insurance is still in on-going discussions about further capital increases.

However, in the current situation, it has not been possible to convince the DFSA of this and Gefion Insurance has therefore chosen to take note of the order, even though Gefion Insurance is still of the opinion that it – in line with other insurance companies – has had no reason to change its practice due to a lack of common European guidelines in the area.

The DFSA has confirmed to Gefion Insurance that it is complying with the order.

Gefion Insurance is now looking forward to the DFSA’s up-coming conclusion of the very long and thorough ordinary inspection of Gefion Insurance, which the DFSA has carried out. An inspection that has taken place in a close and open collaboration between the parties.

Gefion Insurance looks forward to concluding on the process so that the necessary decisions can be made, and the company can focus on its continuing operations and consolidation together with our business partners and investors for the benefit of our more than 600,000 insurance customers.

Our Location
Gefion Insurance A/S
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